Starting With Burnout

The experience of long-term exhaustion and diminished interest:Burnout

My reward for 10 years of 13 hour work days. Burnout. But, some savings as well.

I needed a cure for the exhaustion…so I could get back to work.  Throughout the expanse of one nano second I decided the only viable cure was an extended vacation in Europe.

Starting with Paris.

A double take on a strange creature in the upper reaches of The Cathedral of Notre Dame gave birth to a 3 year travel odyssey photographing gargoyles

I returned to Boston, and searched for information and images of gargoyles on and off for about 6 weeks. After gleaning enough information for a vague insight into who had what gargoyle where and when I decided to – initially –  “shoot” in the following 4 countries: Greece (early examples), Egypt (even earlier), France (medieval European Gargoyles) and Indonesia (sculptures of gargoyles influenced by the images described in the Buddhist version of: The Ramayama)

Back to France first (because I had a free place to stay for a limited time), to “shoot” in Amien, Beauvais, Dijon, Laon, Le Mans, Lyon, Paris, Rheims, Rouen, Saint-Denis, Sens, Tours.

It is interesting to note that four of the cathedrals formed what is referred to as “the crown around Notre-Dame de Paris:” Laon and Amien: North;  Dijon: South; Rheims: East; and Le Mans: West.

Taking a break. Stay tuned

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